Slump Test

Slump Test to be carry out at the project site or at the plant level to
monitor the consistency of concrete in the term of workability and comply
with the slump specification based on the BSEN or BS or MS or any JKR

Sampling or test cube sampling.

Test cube sampling to be carry out at the site after perform slump test.
The test cube sampling casted to be cure before crushing which depends
on the individual consultant requirement. Practically and normally the
test cube sample to be crushed in 7 and 28 days respectively unless under
special requirement. The crushing value of the cube sample shall determine
the concrete quality specification that delivered.

Weight Test

Weight test on the test cube sample is to determine the concrete density
whether the concrete comply with the volumetric quantity (yield) of concrete
produce per batch.

Compressive Strength Test

Compressive Strength Test is to determine the concrete meet the minimum
requirement of concrete strength requirement based on 7 days and ultimate
strength at 28 days.

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